Thursday, 29 March 2012

No Ordinary Bazaar, or How Can You Say No To (Yet Another) Saudi Camel?

Every so often in Riyadh you’ll come across a bazaar. There was one last Friday in our compound. As is usual with these things, the vendors came, set up their stalls, displayed goods and then waited for us to arrive and spend much money.

As I wandered around with my camera I made a list. 

Things to buy at a Saudi bazaar...

(Or not, as the case may be…)

  • Camels
These were everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. On t-shirts,

...soft and cuddly,

...decorating a Saudi sized ash tray,

...processing across the desert,

...or the fridge.

  • Jewellery
Turquoise from Egypt, lapis lazuli, amber…

  • A very Biblical ‘Holy Land’ plate from Palestine...
Spot the loaves and fishes?

  • Olives and oil from Lebanon
  •  Original art work  
Displayed here against a date palm...not so tempted.

  • Carpets
Here we have a random scattering from Iran and Iraq.
  • A good selection of pirated DVDs
No compound bazaar would be complete without these for sale.

  • Henna painting, anyone? 

  • Beaded animals and painted ostrich eggs
These hail from South Africa.

  • Abayas
It wouldn’t be Riyadh without a line-up to choose from…

And after all that tempting shopping (since you’ve no doubt built up an appetite) you can treat yourself to a kebab-like shawarma.

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